Hi, my name is Johanna! I'm a freelance artist and filmmaker living and working in Darmstadt, Germany, where I graduated in Communication Design in 2017.
My passion includes a wide range of audiovisual media, but primarily I work on music videos and staged photographs in cooperation with musicians and for my own music projects. My work is shaped by childhood dreams and stories and explores the relationship between humans and nature. The stagings mostly take place in colourful, detailed dioramas made of recycled attic finds and self-made puppets and miniatures. In projects with actors, my craftsmanship can be found in make-up and costume design. The choice of motifs and the feel of the materials used let childhood memories come up, that I deconstruct by political and feminist subtext. Through horroresque and comic-like motifs I visualize the destructiveness of humans and the ruthlessness of nature.

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